Stephanie Walker

Coronavirus update

Due to these uncertain times and closure until further notice of the place where I rent a room for my counselling sessions to take place, I will be working remotely until further notice.

This means I can offer either telephone counselling or counselling via Skype,the preference is your choice with which ever you feel most comfortable with.

My priority is to still offer a service whilst taking care of my clients and myself at this difficult time.

You can still book a session via the contact page.

I am called to be flexible at this time so I will be offering:-

A one off session

6 weekly sessions and beyond if necessary

Sessions which are more spread out over a longer period of time.

Phone: 07789 442479

Skype: live:stefwalker

Payment plans are available.

Counselling costs £50 per session.
Each session lasts for one hour. 


Here are a couple of reviews from clients I have recently worked with.

Female Client. Age 23

"Stephanie was professional throughout the whole experience and very reliable.I felt at ease talking to Stephanie and never felt judged for anything I said. She always made sure she had full understanding of what I had said,and if she didn't, she asked questions to ensure she did,similarly,Stephanie was always happy to explain things in a different way,if I didn't seem to understand it.Stephanie is very approachable and friendly and is no doubt amazing at her job - after just over 6 months of weekly sessions and putting the work in outside of these sessions, I feel like a different person. Thank you." judged for anything I said. She 

Female Client.Age 40

"I went to Stephanie as what I can only describe as feeling broken. Life had dealt me another tough blow and I was at rock bottom. Did I find the counselling easy? At first, not at all but Stephanie's skills as a counsellor enabled me to slowly open up and we built our working relationship from here. She is warm,friendly and listens intently. She has helped me immeasurably to identify and make the changes I needed to in order to be able to move forward with my life. I would absolutely recommend Stephanie as a counsellor and wouldn't hesitate to return to our sessions should I need more in the future. Thanks again."

Counselling Services

Counselling shines a light on the difficult areas of life. I walk with you on your journey.

Are you struggling to come to terms with a loss in your life?

Struggling to cope and to process and talk about your emotions. 

I offer a safe and trusting environment where you can start to work through your feelings and to talk about what has happened in your life.

I offer a free one hour no obligation counselling session where you can ask me any questions and share any concerns you may have about the counselling process.

Contact Me

07789 442479