Client Testimonials

Clients' experiences of working with me.

Sarah Age 53

I would just like to thank Stephanie for being such a reliable,professional,caring and compassionate person.Over the weeks she has helped give me the confidence to open up and speak to an impartial listening ear. 

I have learnt to look inside myself and hopefully this will help me to make decisions for my future. I feel this was a positive step to seek counselling and encourage anyone who needs to talk to take that step and contact Stephanie.

Penny Age 74

I contacted Stephanie because I felt that I had hit a brick wall in my grieving process. 
From our first meeting I felt that she understood my problems and knew exactly how to direct me to overcome them in an empathic but professional way.
Now after 6 sessions I feel she has provided me with the tools enabling me to continue my journey with optimism and confidence in my ability to change and grow as a person.

" I was a normal,happy adult,working/family etc when a sudden turn of events sent my life spiralling into which I can only explain as hell. This was a period of real darkness in my life when I could not see any future or to be honest any reason to carry on. No medication/friends/family or my doctor could get me out of the way I felt. But I really needed help.I was introduced to Stef who was brilliant.Things had to be taken really slowly with me due to my state of mind. She was professional/caring/patient and honest. Because of Stef she helped me turn a massive corner to getting my life back on track and to realise there is a future. Life throws allsorts of ups and downs at us but I was never prepared for what came my way.

A simple but heartfelt



"Stephanie has been a huge help to me; building my confidence and making me believe in myself,even helping me to be a better father. I couldn't recommend Stephanie enough and if I feel I need to speak to someone again I'll be making sure it's her. Thank you very much Stef!"

Jason. Age 30

Sarah Age 48

You have been great. Very easy to talk to and helpful. The sessions helped me greatly.

I would definitely recommend Stephanie.

Young person. Age 15.

"My counselling with Stephanie has been very enjoyable. It has been very interesting to learn new coping strategies and to develop myself. I feel a lot better and happier in myself." Tayla.

"Informative,clear,concise,very thought provoking,uplifting and of excellent benefit to me."

Male client

Male client. Age 72

Hi Stef, I want to say thanks for the help that you gave me. When I first met you I was in a very low place in my personal life and our weekly meetings helped me to come to terms with the situation by learning coping strategies.

Female client.

"Counselling has worked."

"I feel like I can fly."

" I don't need the safety net now."

Male client

"Thank you so much for the counselling sessions. I was in a confused state at the beginning of my counselling,not understanding my state of mind and my actions. By speaking to you and working through my life I now understand the reasons.I found you very professional and easy to speak to and understanding. As the sessions progressed so did my life for the better so I thank you. I am 100% happier now and my life is going on an upward course.Thank you."

"Thank you so much for all the work you have done with me. I found the whole process of counselling supportive but challenging. Stephanie helped me recognise those aspects of my life that were preventing me moving forward in a positive way. This was done with professionalism,care and respect. I now have some tools I can use to raise my awareness of triggers and create balance in my life." Carol