Client Testimonies

" I was a normal,happy adult,working/family etc when a sudden turn of events sent my life spiralling into which I can only explain as hell. This was a period of real darkness in my life when I could not see any future or to be honest any reason to carry on. No medication/friends/family or my doctor could get me out of the way I felt. But I really needed help.I was introduced to Stef who was brilliant.Things had to be taken really slowly with me due to my state of mind. She was professional/caring/patient and honest. Because of Stef she helped me turn a massive corner to getting my life back on track and to realise there is a future. Life throws allsorts of ups and downs at us but I was never prepared for what came my way.

A simple but heartfelt



Young person. Age 15.

"My counselling with Stephanie has been very enjoyable. It has been very interesting to learn new coping strategies and to develop myself. I feel a lot better and happier in myself." Tayla.

"Informative,clear,concise,very thought provoking,uplifting and of excellent benefit to me."

Male client

Female client.

"Counselling has worked."

"I feel like I can fly."

" I don't need the safety net now."

Male client

"Thank you so much for the counselling sessions. I was in a confused state at the beginning of my counselling,not understanding my state of mind and my actions. By speaking to you and working through my life I now understand the reasons.I found you very professional and easy to speak to and understanding. As the sessions progressed so did my life for the better so I thank you. I am 100% happier now and my life is going on an upward course.Thank you."

"Thank you so much for all the work you have done with me. I found the whole process of counselling supportive but challenging. Stephanie helped me recognise those aspects of my life that were preventing me moving forward in a positive way. This was done with professionalism,care and respect. I now have some tools I can use to raise my awareness of triggers and create balance in my life." Carol