The choices you make every day can really effect how you feel inside and how you feel about yourself. Are you making choices based on what society expects your life to look like or based on your own expectations? You may be making choices based on what others' expect of you or to even keep up with others.

1. When you start to write your feelings down you will,over time, start to notice a pattern. This will help you to identify areas where you are struggling and holding yourself back.

How to welcome and get involved in your new life isn't always easy but as we live in uncertain and rapidly changing times you may be being led into a very different life.

In self-isolation we are called to face ourselves. This may be something we have sought to avoid at all costs but the recent unfolding of events make it more difficult to avoid this task. A task in life we will all face at some point or another. If past trauma has not been dealt with and emotions connected to that...

As you can see from the diagram your Circle of Influence has an inner circle for your close relationships,then another circle going outward and then another for people who are just acquaintances. It is your choice which part of your circle you put people in and there should be a boundary between each type of relationship. There are specific...


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