The type of client I want to work with.

Please read the following important information

For your counselling to be effective and life changing certain ingredients need to be in place and need to be working in harmony.

Take a look at the following:-

You will be 100% committed to your personal development

You are totally honest with yourself and with your counsellor

You value your counselling and place it as a high priority in your life

You agree to turn up on time every week for your session,even when you feel you do not want to . Believe me there will be indeed times when you resist your sessions, and me,but these are the precise sessions where break throughs can happen. So turn up when it is the last thing you want to do is what I am saying here. I know, I have worked with client's resistence and major breakthroughs have happened with amazing results. There is only one way and that is through.

Know that counselling is NOT a cup of tea with a friend once a week. No I am not your friend I am your counsellor and together we will build a working alliance which is a professional therapeutic relationship,nothing more and nothing less.

You will give yourself permission to do the necessary work inbetween your sessions because this also needs to take place for your counselling to be beneficial and effective long term

Counselling calls for total engagement with the process. I have worked with clients for months/years with amazing results but you need to be engaged with the process. There is a difference between just turning up for your session and genuinely being engaged in each session with yourself and with your counsellor.Only then can the process start to take place

Counselling is not something to be gone into half heartedly. You will achieve no results for the life you want to change if you are not consistent and 100% committed to the process,anything less and you would be wasting your time.

It is a process which takes time and the best gift you can give yourself is time and patience..lots of it

There is no quick fix and also remember you have your amswers within and through the counselling relationship and process you will become more aware and increase your understanding of yourself to be able to start to do the inner work and access those answers within thus coming to your own conclusions for your life long term

Hope this helps and if you are this type of client  and you are ready for your counselling journey please get in touch.

Get in touch via the contact page on here or if you prefer my email is:-

Phone:- 07789 442479