5 Signs you have Unrealistic Expectations about Life (and how they Affect You).

  1. You expect people to know what you are feeling and why.

No relationship,romantic or otherwise can survive without each party communicating honestly and clearly about how they feel.

2. Once you're happy with a situation or person,you like things to stay the same.

As we know life is in flux and things cannot stay the same. People grow older,they fall in and out of love. This is an unavoidable part of life.

3. You avoid conflict.

You don't want to rock the boat. You may fear losing a relationship,fear rejection or the person may not like me for speaking up for myself.Conflict is part of life.It helps relationships to grow,move forward and progress. It is unreasonable to think that every part of your life will be and should be conflict free.

4. You feel like you don't need to work on relationships

This is an unrealistic expectation and a lazy point of view.Relationships take work. People change over the years and you must adapt to keep the bond strong.

5. People should agree with me.

There is more than one way to view a situation in life.Allowing everyone to have their own opinion will present the opportunity to dialogue and that is positive.