6 Points to Consider if you want to be more emotionally agile.

Stephanie Walker

"Life is Difficult," these are the first 3 words of "The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck,he goes onto say that once you know this and accept it life then becomes less difficult.

We do not do ourselves any favours by burying our heads in the sand,keeping busy all the time and running away from reality. We cannot always control what happens on the outside but we can always choose our response to what happens. We can also choose how we manage our emotions.In so doing we start to build our inner resources and our resilience.

Check out these 6 points to help with personal and professional effectiveness:-

  • See obstacles as growth opportunities
  • Instead of trying to avoid your feelings,take time out to FEEL your feelings and work with them and through them. This helps emotional recovery,this is an emotional agility skill.
  • Mastering the point above helps you to move towards personal growth,increased risk taking and productivity.
  • Responding to setbacks and adversity by taking time to process our emotions will also increase our problem solving skills so we can change course and find different solutions.
  • Start where you are. Accept your present realities,letting go of the 'desired' outcome,then working with what you have to enable you to take the next small step forward.
  • Lean into your fear and resistance to change and learn to work with it instead of fighting with it. Learn to make fear and resistance friends.