How do you want your life to look?

You always have the key to the best version of you but you usually have to be lost and walk through the wilderness first before you can discover your deepest self.

Also there is only one way and that is through.
What I mean by this is processing events that have happened in your life,processing,feeling and making sense of all your emotions and here I mean the painful and difficult ones.
There is no running away from them and you do yourself a disservice if you do as they will still be there festering in years down the line which will cause alsorts of other 'side effects' such as anxiety,stress,anger,resentment,depression to name but a few. 
So remember you have the key to unlock the life you want to lead with the person you want to be. 
No one else has that power but you.
If you are struggling finding yourself and are hsving a difficult time emotionally then counselling can really help you to explore,exoeriment and becone more self aware and ultimately build a more fulfilling relationship with yourself.
Please get in touch if you want to know more.