How to Welcome your New Life


How to welcome and get involved in your new life isn't always easy but as we live in uncertain and rapidly changing times you may be being led into a very different life. 

To move into a new life you first of all have to leave the old one behind because if you don't it will only drag you down and hold you back. Make peace with whatever has gone on and let go.

So here are 10 tips and insights to help you along your journey:-

1.Make sure you are looking after yourself at this time. Self-care is vital

2.Move towards things which resonate with you even if you don't know exactly how it is going to pan out. Try to work with the unknown.

3.Allow life to unfold at its own pace,don't be in such a hurry. Don't push life,instead work with it.

4.Worry and overthinking won't change the speed in which things happen.

5.Be aware of what is holding you back and let go.

6.Don't put things off. Keep up with things you have to do day by day.

7.Get curious. How do you know if it will be good or bad? 

8. Keep an open mind

9.Let go of always having to know and be in control.

10. Choose your response to what you can't control on the outside by standing back and taking stock.