Why client reviews are so important


Why having regular reviews with clients is vital

  • In my experience of working as a counsellor the review process is beneficial,thought provoking and enlightening for both myself and my clients.

  • A review helps keep us both on track. Making us both aware of distance travelled and it is always good to voice this and even better when it comes from the client and their own realisations.A review creates an awareness of the learning that has taken place. Also any blocks which still need to be overcome. It informs the work for the continuing counselling journey.

  • A review gives the client space to experience the changes that have aleady taken place,however small,they are all very significant and all add to the bigger picture. It is very positive when the client takes charge of their life and their personal development. I know then that my work is having the desired effect.Clients taking ownership of themselves.

  • At the review I can give the client my observations and feedback. This creates a discussion piece and looks at whether the client will carry on with counselling or not.

  • A review gives me chance to explain how I would with various issues if the client decided to carry on with counselling. Also to answer any questions and concerns that the client may have.

  • Sometimes clients will end counselling. Some take a few days to reflect, absorb and take stock to help them to make a decision as to whether to carry on with counselling or to end. Some clients want a break of a few months to see how they go on without counselling and they will return to counselling if and when they are ready.

  • I always reiterate that I am giving my professional viewpoint when the client asks me for feedback. It is always the client's choice as to whether they decide to carry on with their counselling. Again reinforcing that the client is in charge of their own life. They are accountable for their decisions. Counselling goes at the client's pace always.

  • A review helps to continue to build trust and faith not only in the counselling process but in themselves as well.

  • Reviews are like a break in the journey,Counselling is not to be taken lightly. Helps the client to gather themselves and their thoughts before the next stage starts.

  • Yes I am the counsellor in this process but the important thing to note is that I experience all this at a review but more importantly I feel it.