The Consequences of Being too Nice

  1. People will see you as weak and start to take advantage. You must be vigilant. You do not want to be manipulated.
  2. You forget to be nice to yourself. Being responsive is great for business and in personal life but if you are always meeting others' needs you will end up with no time to work on your own priorities and long term goals.
  3. You attract the wrong kind of people. An inability to set boundaries can come across as an invitation to those with draining emotional needs.
  4. You will warp your expectations. Being endlessly selfless can skew your perspective. You may expect others to put their interests aside for you as you would for them.
  5. Being too nice can have some surprising dangers.
  6. Without boundaries you tend to get walked over. Be nice - But not too nice. If you constantly give in to what the other person wants to do in the long term you will end up feeling a) Resentful and b) Losing your identity.
  7. Being too nice can prevent healthy communication that is important for all relationships. It can also jeopardise your individuality.
  8. Repressing how you really feel can also lead to putting up with abusive behaviour.
  9. It is vital for your success in life for your to set boundaries.