The Three 'R's' Resolve,Resources and Resilience


Life is constantly coming along and doing what it does best and that is to pull the ground from underneath your feet..but don't let it.

So the way to keep yourself grounded is to cultivate the three R's.




Now these are skills and attributes that you need to cultivate from within. You will not find them on the outside of you. But first let me take you through each on briefly.

1. Resolve: Your ability to find a solution should a problem or difficult situation occur in your life.

2.Resources: Your ability to dig down deep and always have the strength and foresight to keep on moving forward no matter what.

3. Resilience: Your ability to bounce back and pick yourself up when a difficult event has happened in your life. To choose your response to what has happened rather than letting it control you and becoming depleted.

To cultivate these skills and attributes you need daily doses of self-care,self-compassion, self-understanding and self-knowledge. You need to be able to self-analyize to see which areas from within you need to work to improve. You also need to monitor your progress.

So if you are noticing that patterns need to be broken in your life and that you need to work on being stronger and more able to weather life's inevitable storms I hope this post will help you to make an assessment of where you are currently at.

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